This project is in alphastage. Please check: for (slightly) more information.

CubicleVim is a very simple add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000 to help edit messages with Vim. Currently, the OLE-enabled version of Vim must be installed and registered for the Add-In to function. CubicleVim works by copying the message text to a temporary text file, invoking an instance of Vim to edit the temporary file, and then pushing the contents of the edited file back to Outlook. The current method of starting Vim as an OLE server limits the editing of all messages to a single instance of Vim. I haven't found a good solution other than directly running gvim.exe from the dll, but haven't had a chance to make the change. Other problems and things to do:
I'm obviously not a VBA, nor Windows, developer, and am short on time as it is. Anyone interested in helping fix or enhancing anything in the source is more than welcome. Just drop me a line.